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Balancing Medication

The balancing act of medications are often frustrating. From simply taking a few pills a day to managing those pills plus general side effects.

I’m currently taking Abilify, Tegretol, and Trihexyphenidyl for my Bipolar Disorder.

Until recently, I had little to no side effects on my current medications. Though my past use was a little different.

I have in the past been on 16-different medications to find what I thought was the right cocktail.

Recently, I’ve been vomiting at night. Well after dinner, but before bed. Why this is I don’t know. Though its been going on for two months at an interval of every other week.

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Bipolar FAQ


People often have common questions about the basics of manic depression. These are some of the most commonly asked questions — and their answers — about manic depression (also known as bipolar disorder):

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Mania Doesn’t Always Mean..Nailed It!


We’re all guilty of the “project syndrome,” thanks to bipolar disorder. Can you (be honest) count this years projects on your hand…two hands…ok, now were talking!

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Ten Questions To Ask A Psychiatrist Or Therapist



To be a savvy consumer in the world of doctors and therapists, you have to assess your caregiver’s credentials and qualifications, make informed treatment choices, determine how you can tell if treatment is working, and know what to do if you begin feeling worse.

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