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Goodbye Bipolar Maniac: Hello BipolarMe!


[ev-uh-loo-shuh n or, esp. British, ee-vuh-]


  1. any process of formation or growth; development:

the evolution of a person’s understanding.

Today is the day we say goodbye to what started out as a cute name, that upon reflection,  promotes a negative stigma. Today we retire the name TheBipolarManiac and evolve to BipolarMe, in hopes of bringing a sense of normalcy to the everyday person’s perception of those with Bipolar Disorder or other mood disorders. Continue reading Goodbye Bipolar Maniac: Hello BipolarMe!

Your Pet Is Therapeutic!

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What may be unusual to some, is quite normal for another. What am I talking about, simply pet therapy.  Many of us have a dog, cat, fish, reptile, etc. In some cases our pets turn into a form of therapy for those  with a mental illness.

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